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The Super Sativa Seed Club is a group of passionate growers and old school cannabis breeders that have paved the path for all growers and smokers now. The SSSC was one of the pioneers of indoor growing, and cannabis breeding, these guys were already rocking in 1985! They also were one of the first cannabis post order companies and managed to ship their genetics all over the world! after a view years of world wide shipping. They felt it was enough and continued growing and breeding in the underground. And a view years back they felt it was time to get back on the hose. And made some very interesting Old school terps reappear in seed and flower form and other very interesting seeds projects, trying to capture the essences of old school breeding combined with new school flavours!

Thats why This seed company is close to our heart, you could say we are connected by blood. And Extractor is quite invloved in some of the breeding work SSSC gets done. Extractor helps out making sure certain SSSC strains have that extra greasy trichome. making those strains perfect for any kind of extraction.