BioTabs Boom Boom Spray 100 ML


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BioTabs Boom Boom Spray 100 ML

Great anti stress, growth stimulating spray.
Dilute 5 ml in 1 Liter of water and spray weekly on vegging plants.

it is a plant based extract that contains loads of amino acids and nitrogen. So a true vegan product.

Stimulating the growth significantly, even on cellular base the plants will get healthier due to cell structure getting thicker, Therefor pest wil have a harder time feasting on leaves.

A weekly spray of this product, and your plants will go: Boom Boom!

Biotabs is A innovative dutch fertiliser company that lays close to extractors heart aswel, here is a little blood line involved aswel. Biotabs has a different approach to the growing of cannabis. All their products are 100% organic and they mainly use concentrated compost, beneficial bacteria and micro organisms. creating a soil life that will be self sustainable and the grower will only need to add water. This has made organic growing the easies it could get. An other reason extractor loves the organic range of Biotabs, the biotabs strategy really stimulates the production of terpens and other cannabinoids. And that what we are all about here at extractor. Thats why all our plants have been on a strict Biotabs diet for 8,5 years now.

And because we have been using it with so much pleasure we had too offer it on our site aswel. If you have any grow questions about biotabs feel free to ask!